A Family Tradition

Crèmerie Gelato, also known as Gelatos began its career in 1962. This charming spot was created for families and friends in the area to get together to enjoy an ice cream on a beautiful summer day. It is a place frequently visited by people who would like to enjoy a delicious artisinal ice cream with an old school feeling. The Oliverio family purchased Crèmerie Gelato in 2013 and continues to follow its’ traditional ways while preserving a friendly and safe environment. The Oliverio family believes that in maintaining the quality of Crèmerie Gelato, it gives a lot to the local community and provides a space for the community to come together.

Artisanal Gelato

A Variety Of Frozen Goods

From traditional ice cream to sorbets. Crèmerie Gelato understands the importance of ice cream during the hot season, which is why we offer customers a variety of frozen goods!